Another One Barnet project approved

The business case for the Development and Regulatory Services (DRS) project was approved by Cabinet Resources committee on Monday night.

DRS is a One Barnet project that is looking to secure an external partner to deliver a group of council services that relate primarily to Barnet’s built environment and environmental health.

There are a number of advantages to be gained from working with an external organisation to provide these services, including access to private sector technology and expertise. But the appeal is also financial.

When I speak to residents about how the council should save money, I’m often told that we should reduce back office costs. Using an external provider to deliver services will significantly cut what we spend on support services.

You can read the DRS business case on the Barnet website.


2 Responses to Another One Barnet project approved

  1. ba4ps says:

    You can read a critique of the business case here:

    Have you read it, Mr Rams? We would be interested in your comments.

  2. robertrams says:

    I have – I will be posting something on the blog next week about my views on these works you have commissioned

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