Vote No Today

I have just finished doing my session of telling outside Trent School. I had a total of 12 people walk past me in the first hour! It was very slow out there and I hear similar things from friends around London.

But it is important to go and vote today and here are some key reasons why you should vote NO to AV:

  • AV is not a fair system – The candidate coming third on first preferences could end up winning. Supporters of fringe parties can end up getting five or six votes while people who backed the mainstream candidates only get one.
  • AV is complicated and expensive – Calculating the results would be a long and complicated process, requiring special counting machines. With ordinary families facing tough times, we can’t afford to spend a quarter of a billion pounds of taxpayers’ money bringing in a new voting system.
  • AV is an obscure and unpopular system – Only three countries in the world use AV for their elections – Fiji, Australia, and Papua New Guinea. In Fiji, they’re about to get rid of it. In Australia, voting is compulsory and 6 out of 10 voters want to return to the British system.
  • Even the people campaigning for AV have admitted it’s a bad system – Nick Clegg called it “a miserable little compromise”. An independent commission run by the senior Liberal Democrat, Roy Jenkins, concluded that AV was ‘even less proportional’ than our existing system and would not make politicians more accountable.

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