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As I said recently in the Barnet Times, the Library Review was never going to be universally popular. This is despite the extra £10,000 per year we will spend on books, the longer opening hours our libraries will have, the new libraries we are building, the commitment to sign up every school child to the library service, the modernisation of all our libraries, and our pledge to put literacy at the heart of everything we do.

In the last couple of weeks there have been a couple of protests outside the Friern Barnet library.

So no one is any doubt, I thought it would be helpful to outline our plans for this library. Under our strategy, Friern Barnet library will move, and merge with the North Finchley library. All the services currently provided at the Friern Barnet site will be provided at the artsdepot. The library at the artsdepot will be one of our largest; it will be a landmark library that specialises in the arts. It will hold more stock, have longer opening hours, will open on Sundays, and have extra study space and facilities.

Sadly, no change is not an option but I believe the strategy is a step in the right direction that will provide benefits for the whole of Barnet.

The second stage of the Library Strategy Consultation closes on 13 June, so there is still time to have your voice heard.


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