Have you signed up for planning alerts?

There is a service available from Barnet Council that makes it easy to find out about planning applications in your area. The council will send you email updates if you sign up for planning alerts at Barnet’s website.

There is a very simple online form that asks you to choose whether you want alerts about planning applications in your local ward or close to your postcode location. Once you sign up, you will receive an email each time a planning application is lodged for a property in your local area.

Barnet is exploring different way to make information available to residents and the planning alert service is a good example of providing information in a more easily digestible manner.

Planning applications have always been available for public scrutiny but by providing an ‘opt in’ alert service the council has made it much easier for residents to access the information they want.

It is important that residents are involved in planning decisions in their local community and this service will encourage more local people to take a more active role.

Planning alerts, along with other website features such as FixmyStreet and Barnet PledgeBank have improved the online experience for Barnet residents and made it easier to interact with the council.

We will continue to explore new way to engage with residents and provide them with the information they want in ways they want to receive it.


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