Pledgebank in the press

One of the recent pledges on Barnet Pledgebank asked residents to buy a Christmas gift for one of the borough’s young carers. The council offered to collect donated gifts from local libraries and deliver them to the Barnet Young Carers and Siblings centre for distribution. As reported in the local press more than 80 Christmas gifts were donated by members of the public and staff, which means there will be a few extra smiles on Christmas morning.

This is a great example of how Pledgebank can work.

This winter, the council wants to encourage community minded residents to come together with their neighbours and clear their pavements of ice and snow.

The borough has already had a its first few flakes of snow and while I hope the weather doesn’t deteriorate any further, the recent cold snap is a timely reminder to prepare for the possibility of more substantial snowfall.

The council made an offer on Barnet Pledgebank  to help residents clear snow by providing grit and spreading equipment. The pledge has proved popular with local people, who have signed-up to grit more than 20 streets in the borough. Is your street on the list? Is this something you could help with?

I know that some people are concerned they might be legally liable if a passer-by falls on a patch of pavement they’ve recently cleared, so to remove any doubt, the council has also provided insurance cover.

Barnet made a similar pledge to encourage parents to clear snow from their children’s schools by offering the same support. This idea has also appealed to volunteers and the original target of 25 schools has already been achieved.

Why not have a think about what you could do? Is there something you can offer your community? Is there a local project you want to get started? Why not use PledgeBank to make it happen?


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