Friern Library Letter

Whilst I fully appreciate that people’s view are very highly charged at the moment regarding the moving of Friern Barnet Library into the Artsdepot, as a Councillor and a Jew I was very disappointed to receive the following email.

I have removed the name of the person who sent it.

I hope for a more civilised debate and discussion tomorrow.

Leuven’s Library was saved-Twice

Most of the 22 children who died in the recent tragic bus accident came from around Leuven in Belgium. Leuven’s library had been destroyed in both World Wars and twice re-built. Only Nazis destroy libraries. In memory of the 22 victims.

Friern Barnet


6 Responses to Friern Library Letter

  1. Sarah Howe says:

    Dear Cllr Rams,
    Regarding your new post ‘Leuven’s Library was saved-Twice’ – I don’t understand why you have connected it to Friern Barnet library? I am worried in case you have made an association that perhaps isn’t there. The email does not mention Friern Barnet library.
    I think that by reproducing the email on your blog and claiming it is about Friern Barnet library on the eve of the Cabinet decision relating to FB library, while also saying that as a councillor and Jew you are disappointed, you have risked, no doubt inadvertently, causing the highly charged situation you are in fact trying to calm.
    In my opinion, rather than giving the sentiments a wider audience, it would have been better to ignore the email, which has little intrinsic value, if you genuinely seek civilised debate and discussion.

    Yours sincerely,
    Sarah Howe

  2. Morris Hickey, Redbridge says:

    As a past visitor to Leuven (unfortunately both friends who lived there have now died) I too offer my sympathies to those who suffered such awful losses.

    Your correspondent is correct. Nazis destroy libraries, as do Philistines.

  3. robertrams says:

    Sarah – sadly this was not the only example of such an email and letter – although the huge majority have been very polite. I do not agree with you views on causing more tension – but believe we will have a fair and open debate tonight.

    Mr Hickey, funny as i have an email from you where you describe me as a Nazi – which i also took huge offense to.

  4. Morris Hickey, Redbridge says:

    If the cap fits.

  5. History Teacher says:

    I am not endorsing nazism in any way but merely wish to point out that any link to the nazis in this discussion is nonsensical. The nazis did not close libraries. They may have burnt books, which I don’t believe is the current proposal. Far more commonly (but less well known) the nazis acquired books from jews, often stolen from their homes by german soldiers or confiscated as they boarded shops to flee, in much the same way that valuable paintings were gained. It is estimated that over a million books taken from jews and others sit on the shelves in german libraries. The nazis values their libraries highly. During the bombing of berlin huge efforts were made to relocate library stock to protect it.

  6. Steve Murphy says:

    Where has it moved to?

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