Stringfellow Shows UKIP Some Ankle

There’s worrying news from Guido that Peter Stringfellow is backing UKIP in a Westminster Council by-election and is considering transferring his support to them in the future. Worrying, that is for the many Conservative Future members across London who saw it as right of passage to attend a Conservative Future event at one of his establishments – although I never went down this path!

Abhijit Pandya has an interesting piece in the Telegraph today in which he argues that UKIP are not a serious alternative to the Conservatives.

He argues whilst being united on the issue of Europe UKIP are divided on everything else. On every other issue, their views divide across the political spectrum, from far left to far right. Abhijit also notes, of course, that voting for UKIP may have the unintended consequence of helping Labour – whether in council, assembly or general elections.

If that unintended consequence lets in the Labour Party at council level, then the it will inevitably subject constituents to a Labour administration that does what Labour administrations always do – spend all the money and leave it to subsequent Tory councils to clear up the mess – albeit this time around it was the Labour government’s scorched earth spending policy that bankrupted the country and has left councils such as Barnet without funds and having to make the hard but necessary choices.


3 Responses to Stringfellow Shows UKIP Some Ankle

  1. Would you be interested in blogging on Activ Barnet. Simple to join, new site just over a year old, on line guide and social site

  2. Rog T says:

    Robert, Tell me. What was council borrowing in 2002 when the Conservatives took charge and what is it now? Your claims about labour spending all of the councils money cannot be sustained

  3. robertrams says:

    Happy to – Thanks for asking. Why dont you email me with the details

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