Don’t believe everything you read in the news!

This evening the labour party put down a motion in the full council calling on Barnet to scrap all charges in car parks.

Readers will be aware that I and my other ward councillors are totally against any charges in the East Barnet Village Car Park. We are also loyal to our party and won’t vote against them. Therefore as the consultation on the car parks is still on going and we are working with the cabinet member on this .. We did not vote for the labour party motion attacking our party and did not vote against the motion as we support no charges in the village.

We are working hard for our residents, supporting them and working towards the goals we are seeking.

We hope to have an update on this soon.


4 Responses to Don’t believe everything you read in the news!

  1. Steve Murphy says:

    you said you would do everything you could do, you could have voted against your party.

  2. robertrams says:

    Steve, im loyal to my party and will work behind the scenes to make it happen. I hope to have an update soon.

  3. Steve Murphy says:

    Still, that is not what you promised. You chose your own political career over the welfare of your constiuents.

    We do not want “behind the scenes” we want upfront and open democracy. Sadly, Barnet has more of the former and too little of the latter

  4. robertrams says:

    You can disagree with how i am doing this – but i am working for my residents and i will achieve our aim.

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