Saddened and Bamboozled by the end of Ceefax

I worry that writing this blogpost runs the risk of making me sound old, but Ceefax was part of my youth. Coming home from school, clicking to 302 for football news, 341 to update on the test score, 101 for the latest news, 324 for the premier table (or 1st division table in old language) etc etc.

As has been reported widely Ceefax is shutting down today in London due to the digital change over. To be honest I had not used it for a number of years and it was inevitable because of the growth of the internet and mobile devices this point would come. Why would I turn my TV on to find out the latest score when I have it on my mobile – but back in the day it was quicker to turn the TV on to get the score than turn my computer on!

Bamboozle was something that distracted me for many hours – a simple game on the channel 4 version – in which you had to get 20 questions in a row correct – but if you got one wrong you went back to the start. I now have an app on my phone to play the game.

Times move on – but Ceefax will be missed


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