Response from First Capital Connect

Last week I tweeted whilst waiting at Mill Hill Broadway station about the state of the rubbish outside the station. I wrote to them to complain and below is a copy of the response I received.

 They clearly claim to be doing something about it – but this was not evident when I visited.

Customer Relations
First Capital Connect
PO Box 443
Tel: 0845 0264700
Fax: 0845 6769904

Ref: 6593747

Dear Counsellor Rams

Thank you for contacting us about your experience outside the Mill Hill Broadway station on 8 June 2012. I am sorry that the standards of cleanliness did not meet your expectation and I apologise for this.

I understand that the area outside the station was not clean. Please be advised that we have invested heavily in improving the customer experience. All of our areas have a regular cleaning programme, with dedicated cleaning teams. However, I am sorry that we have let you down on this occasion.  I was very disappointed to learn of the conditions that you have described and your comments have been forwarded to the Station Manager for his attention. Your feedback is important to us and highlights those areas we need to focus our attention.

Thank you once again for contacting us to bring this matter to our attention.

Yours sincerely

Manish Molasi
Customer Relations Advisor


One Response to Response from First Capital Connect

  1. Rog T says:

    Well done for taking this initiative. Do you have any plans to follow this up

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