Open letter to Cllr Moore – Thank you for your support last night

Cllr Moore,

I am writing this open letter to thank you for supporting the substantive motion on Friern Library last night at the full council meeting.

Whilst it is clearly tempting for opposition Councillors to indulge in knee-jerk disagreement, it was very welcome to see that you and a number of your colleagues had clearly engaged with the arguments and understood that the council is making the most of a difficult situation. I have to admit that I was slightly surprised, albeit delighted to see your hand shoot up, alongside a number of other Labour Members – it was just a shame that a number of your colleagues failed to follow your excellent example.

I am thankful that you supported phrases such as

“Council is disappointed in the financial situation left by the previous government which means we have to make tough choices for our library service.”

You now understand the pressures we are under and the need to make difficult decisions – whilst ensuring more is spent on books, libraries are open longer and literacy is at the heart of everything we do.

I am pleased you are so critical of other Labour run councils. The motion said,

“The council further notes what is happening in other library services across London

Barking and Dagenham have closed three libraries and by April 2014 will only have two council run libraries.
Brent have closed 6 Libraries
Ealing have cut their opening hours by 9%
Islington have cut their opening hours by 11%”

I am overjoyed that you finally realise we are not like those Labour Councils and that we truly value our Library service because as the motion it said “And is pleased that we have not let this happen in Barnet.”

The residents and the Conservative Party in Barnet are thankful for your support. And I hope that this open-minded reasonable behaviour continues for a long time to come!

Cllr Rams