A sign of a successful library

I read an attack on Hendon Library this morning http://barneteye.blogspot.co.uk/2012/12/look-what-councillor-robert-rams-is.html

The truth is very different to the picture painted in this article.

We actually have 26 copies of To Kill a Mockingbird for general loan, plus 15 copies in the Barnet Book Club collections for reading groups. So, a total of 41 copies in the system. A study guide to the book is also available on Barnet Digital library.

Hendon Library has very high stock figures: – 69,036 items in stock, of which 62,617 are books and 7,651 new items have been added. There are high numbers of books on loan at any one time in Hendon so it’s not surprising that shelves are not fully stocked at all times!

It is a sign of a successful library!


A summary of last week in Barnet

Barnet Primary schools were rated the second best in the country.

Barnet Library services have been awarded £2000 from the Arts Council to help make every primary school child a member of a library.

The council announced a plan to save taxpayers £120million over the next ten years in back office costs. If agreed by Cabinet this week – this will see a large investment in back office services whilst enabling us to freeze council tax.

The Mayor of Barnet held a reception in the town hall to thank all those from Barnet who volunteered during the Olympics.

The Leader of Barnet Council launched a petition to fight the closure of police stations in Barnet – http://petitions.barnet.gov.uk/PoliceStations/

Barnet Council launches ‘library card for all’ scheme

As part of Barnet Council’s Library review we pledged to make every primary school child a member of the library. We have recently been awarded £2000 from the Arts Council to help us make this happen.

Below is the press release we recently sent out about it.


Barnet is set to be among 22 local authorities testing automatic library membership for children and young people.

The initiative from Arts Council England aims to lead to an increase in children, young people and families using their local libraries, and stimulate more reading for pleasure. Ultimately it’s hoped that 100 per cent of children will become library card holders, one of the main strands of Barnet Council’s library strategy.

Barnet libraries will be working with the borough’s schools to increase library membership at the start of each child’s primary and secondary schooling, emphasising the benefits of library membership for effective learning.

The 22 library services are adopting a variety of approaches for the project which is being supported by the Department for Education (DfE) and the Department for Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS). It includes libraries working with:

* birth registration services to offer library cards at birth

nurseries, schools and school library services to promote library memberships to local children and families

· leisure services to offer combined library and leisure cards for children and young people

Councillor Robert Rams, Cabinet Member for Customer Access and Partnerships, said:

“Boosting adult and child literacy is one of the main planks of our library policy and this initiative will allow us to do this. Developing a love of reading from an early age is a fantastic way for children to boost their vocabulary, knowledge and curiosity of life.

“I hope this library card pilot will encourage a whole new generation of young readers to immerse themselves in the stories and adventures they may not have access to at home.”

Nicky Morgan, Director of Libraries, Arts Council England, said: “These projects will test out genuinely exciting, new ways of encouraging children, young people and families to join and access their local libraries.

“Through these projects, we hope that children and young people will be encouraged to use their libraries now and in the future, and will develop a real love for learning and a natural curiosity about the world around them.”

The 22 projects will share approximately £55,000, with Barnet receiving a £2,000 grant.

The automatic library memberships will work towards achieving the Arts Council’s goals of ensuring that every child and young person has the opportunity to engage with their library service, and of ensuring that libraries are sustainable and resilient.