Interview with Susannah Harker

Last week I was invited to the London Film and Comic Con by TNA wrestling – you can read about my day with the wrestlers here on my Royal Ramblings Blog.

Whilst I was there I got the chance to interview a few other people which I hope to post here in the next few days.

The first person I got to chat to was Susannah Harker. She played Mattie Storin in the original BBC version of House of Cards. As a big fan of the original and the Netflix version, I found it a little difficult to hide the fact that I was a fan!

Highlights of our chat include that this was her first ever comicon, she was star struck by Mark Gatiss and that she has not watched the new version of House of Cards on Netflix.

I was only allowed a few minutes with each star – so I hope you enjoy the short conversation!

RR – How has your experience at Comicon been going?

SH – This is my first ever Comicon! And I think it is going well. It’s quite overwhelming, wonderful and extraordinary. I was just talking to – oh I’ve forgotten his name as I was a little star struck – Mark Gatiss of Dr Who, talking about how I thought comicon was quite niche when I was younger but how now it is main stream and so huge. We were driving in on the coach from the hotel in Heathrow there were three lines of people waiting to get in – it’s so enormous and it really struck me how huge this all is.

RR – How are you finding the fans?

SH – Really really loving it – I love how people buy in to complete fantasy. That people are prepared to use their imagination and put their lives into it and to hand themselves over to it. I think that is a wonderful experience – I really really do, I really love it.

RR – so the first of many now?

SH – I don’t know, I might, I might come back! It interesting as I’ve only done a small bit of sci fi stuff with ultraviolet and Dr who and it’s been quite good to get my feet under the table here. So I might do.

RR – Have you watched the new series of House of Cards – what do you think of it?

SH – No I have not, I can’t believe I have said that! I keep intending to – but I have been moving but I intend to watch it – I have a great curiosity for it.

RR – So what does the future hold for you?

SH – I have been doing this thing called Ultraviolet and there is talk of it coming back. I am doing a lot of theatre at the moment, because I love doing that and I come from a theatre background.

RR – Thank you for this very quick chat!