My Uncle Philip

I am a very lucky person. I have and have had many wonderful people in my life. The one person whom I am most proud of, who I miss more than words can say (along with my mother), is her brother, my Uncle Philip. He was a genius. He was one of the greatest sports photographers ever. He was voted Specialist Sports photographer of the Year by Sport England an unprecedented three times. In 2004, he was the first recipient of the Lawrence Levy Lifetime Achievement Award, to honour outstanding work in golf photography, which was presented in conjunction with Golf International magazine.

Sadly he passed away 11 years ago and it is often around the start of major golf tournaments I think about him more than ever – and shed a little tear. Today is the first day of the Masters which got me thinking and googling pictures of his. There are many wonderful ones ( and many that I am in!) but for some reason, this is my favourite.



Pictured is José María Olazábal. He had been out for a while, with from memory, arthritis in his arms. This picture was taken the first day he returned back from tour and my uncle persuaded him to do a handstand!

Sadly once more, whilst watching the Masters tonight, I can’t be sat there playing the game “Spot the Uncle Philip!”



Underhill By Election

12.00pm update – I am sure you will pleased to know this was just an April Fools! The next time I will be elected is as an MP! 

I am delighted to announce I am seeking to be the Tory Candidate in the up coming council by election in the Underhill seat.
Commenting Robert Rams said,

“Barnet politics has missed me. With all this talk of Library closures I feel the time is right for me to return. If I can’t close a library then who can.

“I pay tribute to the Labour Councillor who stood down (no I had not noticed she had been there in the first place either and had to google her picture to check who she was) and wish her all the best in her new role at Cambridge uni. I am sure she will be out on strike soon.

“I will be holding a press conference at 12pm today (1st April) outside the Conservative party offices. All welcome.”