Open Letter to Thrifty Cars

See Below for update at 3pm

Dear Thrifty Cars,

Last year I had the pleasure of visiting Israel with my wife my then three-month-old son. I used a comparison website to book a car and car seat to transport my family around. As my mother and father in law were travelling with us, they paid for the car upfront.

We arrived in a very hot Tel Aviv airport, late in the afternoon. As you can imagine my son was not very happy having not experienced anything like this before. We managed to find the desk to pick the car up from, I gave them my credit card in case there were any problems and I made my way to pick the car up.

We have corresponded over twitter about the first issue before – the fact that the car seats were left outside and were filthy. Also, your staff would not help us fit the one seat that was semi clean and left us to sort in the heat. When we got in the car, the car was very dirty. You kindly refunded the price of the car seat although I was disappointed no further compensation was offered.

When I returned the car, I handed everything back and despite a few knocks (we thankfully have driven in Israel before and know that you need fully covered insurance!) there were no problems.

That was until I checked my credit card bill. I discovered I had been charged for the car (although it had been paid for in advance). We went backwards and forwards via the company I booked it through. The company was called Atlaschoice. Eventually, I was refunded the money – but the whole thing was extremely stressful.

I was then shocked when my credit card bill arrived on Saturday to see your Israeli Office has charged me £363.49.  Can you let me know why this has happened – and without my permission. Is this fraud?

Last time I had this resolved through Atlaschoice (whom I booked the car with) but I emailed them directly this morning and they have gone into administration!

Please help!

I hope this open letter gets your attention as other ways of trying to get in contact with you have not been successful yet! You can tweet at me or just leave me a message in the comments as to how i can get in contact.

Robert @robertrams1

3pm Update

I have finally got this response.

“Thank you Robert. It appears that you purchased your prepaid voucher through Atlas Choice, correct? If so, unfortunately, they closed their operations and Thrifty was unable to get payment from them for your rental. Thrifty then had to charge you to collect payment. You will need to seek reimbursement for your prepaid voucher from Atlas Choice. Please view the website here with information.

Whilst i don’t have a problem with this i have a couple of questions that they have not and will not answer

  1. I did not pay for the original booking therefore why was i charged for this one?
  2. I did not give you permission to charge my card therefore why did you take payment without my permission?
  3. Why did you not get in contact with me before taking the payment? At no point did anyone inform there was a problem?

They seem to refuse to engage on this and expect me just to pay them.




One Response to Open Letter to Thrifty Cars

  1. Robert. If this has not already been sorted, and you did indeed pay with a CREDIT card, you should immediately write to the credit card company. Under section 75 of the consumer credit act, they are equally responsible for the goods and services you buy with a credit card, assuming the cost is between 100 pounds up to 30,000 pounds. So, if you used the card to pay for something you did not get, they should reimburse you. I think. The law may have changed in some of the details, but I believe the core liability remains. Certainly worth a letter. Oh, and next time try HolidayAutos UK. I have always found them to be good and reliable.

    Good luck!

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