Update Two – Thrifty Cars and Aqua Cards

So, I thought I would keep the blogging going through this ‘experience’. If you have not followed where we are so far, please read this first


Yesterday was spent trying to get answers out of Thrifty Cars. It was going well until I started asking some difficult questions. They now seemed to have stopped wanting to talk to me. This morning I posted three questions on their facebook page. (Yesterday they were happy to chat to me on this page!). I asked,

1) Who gave you authorisation to take the money from my card? I did not and I did not pay for the car in the first place.

2) Why did you not contact me before taking the payment?

3) Why are you taking the money from me and not the administrators?

Yesterday I received replies in minutes – today I have not heard a thing.

This afternoon I phoned my credit card company. I use an Aqua credit card when I am abroad as they do not charge when doing transactions in different countries. I had spoken to them the day before and they have frozen the payment and are starting the investigation. They have been very helpful but I asked a simple question ..

“What checks did you do that I had authorised this payment?”

Sadly the answer came back none. They said they had not as I had used the company before. I pointed out that I had not and they had mistakenly taken a payment from me last time when they should not have! The seemed apologetic.

I also found out that the payment was done online. So did Thrifty Cars pretend to be me on line? I don’t know the answer to that but there the way their behaviour has been so far; I would not put it past them.

I want also to take this opportunity to thank all my friends who have offered help, support and advice.

My top tip – don’t ever use Thrifty Cars.

Let’s see what tomorrow brings!


One Response to Update Two – Thrifty Cars and Aqua Cards

  1. Ian says:

    I’ve had the same experience with Auto5, a car rental firm in Latvia. I paid Atlas back in June 2016 for car hire in August 2016, using a Tesco credit card. Like you, I used a Halifax overseas card to leave card details with the rental firm in case of damage, tickets, etc. In December, the car rental firm made an unauthorised charge to the Halifax card because they had not been paid by Atlas. Like you, I was able to get a response after posting a negative comment on Auto5’s facebook page and they began correspondence. As with you, they didn’t answer the same questions I posed to them, just tried to bat me off back to Atlas. I agree with you: It is for the car hire firms to try and recover their lost funds from Atlas.

    The car hire firms were told by Atlas (before they went bust) to recover funds from customers’ credit cards and advise customers to claim back their original payment from Atlas using section 75 claims. Outrageous behaviour. Halifax were completely unhelpful, but Tesco have implemented a chargeback to Atlas’s bank for the original amount I paid back in June. Whilst it means I’m not out of pocket, it does mean that Auto5 have got away with retaining card details for longer than they were permitted, for a purpose that wasn’t permitted and for a transaction that wasn’t permitted. Auto5 had all my contact details, address, email, etc but made no effort to contact me before they made the charge. They don’t want to answer to that, and neither are Halifax interested.

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