Im in love – with the Freestyle Libre

This Valentines I treated myself to something a little different. A new way of managing my diabetes!

I have been very poor in the way that I have controlled my diabetes for many years. Whilst I never ate the wrong thing I very rarely checked my blood sugar levels, thinking that I knew what was going on with my own body. But with my the arrival of my son, that all changed and I started testing four times a day.

About six months ago I went for some market research and watched a young lady keep tapping her arm with a small device that looked like a phone and after the session i went up to her to ask her what she was doing! She told me about the how she monitors her blood sugar levels by having a little ‘implant’ in her arm which was continuously monitoring her levels and all she had to do, to get the information, was tap the small device on it it. But this was the game changer for me, the device told you which way your level were going. With my normal blood testing device, which you just prick your finger and put the blood on to a test strip, you have no indication apart from the moment you take the test, what is happening to your levels. I often do a blood test before going to bed not knowing which way my levels were going and in the last couple of years i have suffered with very low blood sugar levels in the middle of the night.

So i hoped that would be a game changer for me.

On valentines day i was fitted with the Libre – and after a day and a half of wearing it I am in love! Already it has changed the way i look after my diabetes. I am now checking my levels around 15 times a day and can see exactly what is going on!

I have the implant in for a two week trial and i plan to blog every few days about my experiences with it.