A summary of last week in Barnet

Barnet Primary schools were rated the second best in the country.

Barnet Library services have been awarded £2000 from the Arts Council to help make every primary school child a member of a library.

The council announced a plan to save taxpayers £120million over the next ten years in back office costs. If agreed by Cabinet this week – this will see a large investment in back office services whilst enabling us to freeze council tax.

The Mayor of Barnet held a reception in the town hall to thank all those from Barnet who volunteered during the Olympics.

The Leader of Barnet Council launched a petition to fight the closure of police stations in Barnet – http://petitions.barnet.gov.uk/PoliceStations/


The Olympic Torch to come to Barnet

On Monday 7 November, it was formally announced that the 2012 Olympic Torch Relay will come to Barnet on Wednesday 25 July 2012. The relay will travel through Harrow and Brent before arriving in Barnet and moving across the borough for about two hours. The relay will then continue to Enfield before finishing in Haringey for that day’s evening celebration.

The exact details of the route are currently embargoed and won’t be revealed until early next year. But I can tell you that the torch will arrive from Brent in the west of the borough, is anticipated to pass the Town Hall and then travel through a number of town centres past some of our excellent parks before moving into Enfield in the east.

There will be about 30 torch bearers in our section of the route and a number of them will be Barnet residents.

At one stage there was a suggestion that the cycling road race route would also pass through Barnet and I was disappointed when it was decided that this wouldn’t be the case. Hearing more about the torch relay has made the games seem more real to me and, once again, I’m excited about London 2012.

I hope you take the chance to see the torch relay next summer and celebrate the Olympic Games coming to London, it really is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

There is more information about the torch rally on the London 2012 website