Are we heading to a two party Barnet?

If I was Cllr Lord and Lady Palmer and Cllr Jack Cohen – our last remaining Liberal Democrat Councillors – I would be worried after last nights election results.

Up and down the country Liberal Democrat Councillors lost their seats – not because of what they had done in their wards but because in their supporter’s views – they had gone back on their manifesto promises when coming into Government with us.

I believe Clegg was brave to come into coalition – and those decisions he has made have been correct – but it is obvious his supporters do not agree with him.

Therefore it is not beyond the realms of possibility that Barnet will have no Liberal Democrats after our next local election.

A few thoughts on last night

Out in East Barnet whilst knocking up I did not come across one person who said they were voting yes to AV.

A great result for my old boss Nigel Evans MP in the RibbleValley. The Ribble Valley Council now has no Labour councillors and the Liberal Democrats were halved.

Nigel used to be the Shadow Secretary of State for Wales and in my time working with him I had a lot of dealings with the Welsh Assembly. I am sorry to see, that whilst picking up a number of seats, the leader of the Conservative Group, Nick Bourne, has lost his.

And the AV vote – my prediction 70 per cent voted No 30 per cent yes.

Another nail in Nick Cleggs coffin?


One Response to Are we heading to a two party Barnet?

  1. Mrs Angry, Broken Barnet blog says:

    I am not a LibDem supporter, but in all fairness it must be said that the Palmers and Jack Cohen are, unlike some councillors we could mention, hard working and conscientious councillors who are well respected in their wards. I am sure that their personal qualities will ensure they are re elected, as they represent a tradition of public service that is sadly lacking in other parts of the council chamber.

    If we are heading towards a two party Barnet, it will be because the present plans approved by the Tory controlled special consititution committee have effectively disenfranchised the voices of consituents in LibDem wards, by stifling their members’ right to speak and present motions to council meetings.

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